Life and Times of the Sharp Family

1000 Days of Thankful...and Counting


Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 744 -- A Trip to the Toy House

For Christmas, my uncle gave each of my kids a gift certificate to one of our all time favorite places: The Toy House in downtown Jackson.  Tonight, we decided to take a little trip into town, let Breslin ring the birthday bell, and let each of the kids pick out their own toys.

It was incredibly fun to watch the kids walk up and down the aisles, finding and playing with the vast array of toys.  I vividly remember pulling into The Toy House as a kid with butterflies of excitement in my stomach, walking those same aisle ways, similarly awed by toys as far as I could see.  To my amusement, each of the kids chose a toy right in line with their personalities.  It took Breslin virtually no time to find a castle logic puzzle, Dharia found a genuine Hula Hoop shortly thereafter (we actually had to talk her into getting something else too, since the Hula Hoop was so cheap), and AJ wanted to play with everything that the Toy House put out, so it took her a little longer.  She finally decided on a set of bunk beds and a jungle gym for her Calico Critters.  She loves putting her baby puppies and kittens to bed and covering them up with tiny blankets.

I am so proud of and thankful for my kids tonight. They were so good at the Toy House -- not greedy trying to get more and more or throwing a fit if we told them what they picked out was too expensive.  Additionally, they were all so grateful to Uncle Mark for letting them pick out their Toys, that they wanted to say thank you with this video:

Thank God for a trip to the Toy House!

Lord, thank you for my Uncle Mark's gift to my kids and for the joy it brought them tonight.  Thank you for the opportunity to once again, go out and have a fun time as a family.  Thank you for my precious children who were (and usually are) well-behaved.  In your name I pray, Amen.