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1000 Days of Thankful...and Counting


Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 810 -- Back At It

Today was the first day since last Monday that I have been in my classroom teaching chemistry.  You see, last week was an especially weird week with ACT/MME testing. 

On Tuesday, only the juniors attended school to take the ACT test.  I was a proctor which meant I did nothing for the entire test session besides stare at students and count cinder blocks.

On Wednesday, the juniors took tests in the morning, which meant more proctoring and cinder-block counting.  In the afternoon, I was out of the classroom in order to schedule students into their bi-quarterly Power Play sessions.

On Thursday, I did exactly the same thing I did on Wednesday.

On Friday, I took a personal day to judge the state gymnastics team finals.

So, after being away from real teaching, most of my students, and my classroom for a solid week, it felt good to be back at it today.  I missed talking about chemistry and I missed interacting with (most of) my students. 

Thank God I'm back at it!

Lord, thank you for a more normal week.  Please help things to settle back down at school so we can get some real learning accomplished in my classroom.  In your name I pray, Amen.