Life and Times of the Sharp Family

1000 Days of Thankful...and Counting


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 825 -- In His Hands

It's so easy to get so caught up in my own little bubble, teaching my fanny off in room 301.  My students come in, I teach/facilitate/flounder/blow minds (or maybe all of these, depending on the day) for 52 minutes and then -- poof!  They disappear into the ether.

I think that's why it hits me so hard when real life shows up.

I have a student in my third hour class whose brother has been battling a brain tumor for a year with a poor prognosis.  She and I have talked about it many times during our 52 minute interludes.  This student (we'll call her Abbi) is a beautiful soul, full of life and enthusiasm.  She is also one of those students you just crave to be able to have in your classroom.  She might not pick up things the fastest, but she works hard until she understands concepts fully.  She is dedicated and responsible.

But as the year progressed, this I could see her worry in the sag of her shoulders.  I could see her on the verge of tears when I asked her how things were going.

This morning, when I opened my email, I had a message from my principal stating simply that Abbi's brother had passed away over night.

I said a silent prayer for Abbi and her family, but before I knew it, the day was rolling along as if nothing had even happened.

In my third hour, when I marked Abbi absent, I spoke with the class about what was happening and encouraged them to reach out to her in love during the challenging days ahead.

And in my fourth hour, she appeared in my doorway at the back of the room.

As I gave my students a quick directive to begin working on some practice problems, I rushed to meet her.  As soon as I started toward her, she dissolved into heart-wrenching sobs.  I took her out into the hallway and just hugged her.  I cried for this beautiful girl whose heart is broken.

We stood together for a long time.  When she pulled away from me, she looked at me and asked for any make-up work she would have from being gone.  I was so shocked that it took me a moment to recover.  I told her not to worry about that, but to focus on her family.  Before she left, she asked me to attend the funeral on Saturday.  I told her I would absolutely be there, and she turned to leave.

I don't know if Abbi visited any other of her classes today, but her appearance today really hit me hard.

Tonight I am so thankful that Abbi is in his hands.  I am so thankful that the God who created her is the God who is the Peace that passeth all understanding.  I am grateful that no matter what she goes through, He will be there.

Please pray for this family.   My heart breaks for this precious girl and for her mother who lost her son.

Thank God we are all in his hands.

Lord, thank you for the peace and comfort you provide that nothing else can.  Please wrap up this family in your loving arms and show your presence through this and all of the challenging time ahead.  In your name I pray, Amen.


I have read this four times and it truly brings so much emotion to my heart. My daughter has looked up to you since she first met you and when she read to me the message she sent you last night, I cried. She said, "mom, please don't take this offensively, I truly look up to you and I am so thankful you're my mom. I just feel this strong connection with Mrs. Sharp and I want her to know that." I told her I Am so thankful she wrote you that because months ago I has messaged you and told you that very statement! God knew she would need you one day and I am so thankful you have been there for her.
I appreciate all your prayers and support more than you will ever know.