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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 843 -- Giddy Up

After Breslin and Dharia's first (and very cold) soccer game, we happened to hear about an event at Albion College's Held Equestrian Facility called "Giddy Up!"  Apparently, they were opening the barn up to the community and offering fun activities for kids.  When the girls heard about it, they bubbled with excitement, so after lunch, I bundled them up for the second time this chilly Saturday and herded them into the van.  Breslin decided he wanted to go to.  Off we went.

As we entered the barns, we were greeted by Highland, a giant dappled gray horse who tolerated my kids stroking him and squealing with glee.  Then, we embarked upon a scavenger hunt, where my kids wrote down the names of various types of horses they found in the barn.  We found a Bay, a Chestnut, the dappled gray, a black, and a white.

After our scavenger hunt, we turned the corner where equestrian team members taught my kids how to brush a horse named "Capote".  They used a curry brush and even learned how to use a hoof pick. To reward Capote, the kids fed him a carrot before moving onto the next stall, where they met Petoskey.

Petoskey was a big beautiful white horse.  A member of the equestrian team helped squirt the kids' favorite colors of tempera pain on their hands and then instructed the kids to paint the horse.  You read that right.  My kids shrieked in delight as the horse went from white to tie-dyed in a matter of minutes.

Petoskey also got a carrot for his troubles.

We finished off our adventure by learning how to sit in a saddle, decorating a real horseshoe, practicing our roping skills, and riding stick horses over some jumps in the indoor arena.  Overall, the kids had a grand time and I felt thankful to be able to have them be exposed to something new and wonderful while spending time with them.

Thank God for Giddy Up!

Lord, thank you for the opportunity to do something new, interesting, and fun today.  Thank you for my kids and their willingness to go on wild expeditions with me.  In your name I pray, Amen.


That poor white horse lol :)