Life and Times of the Sharp Family

1000 Days of Thankful...and Counting


Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 933--Earrings

Earlier this week, Dharia informed me that she was ready to get her ears pierced. From early on, I had told her that whenever she was ready to do it I oils take her. So away we went to Claire's in Jackson.

She was a champion, holding still while they cleaned and makes her ears. She barely flinched when the time came for the actual piercing. There were no tears, no screaming. Claire's even has Hello Kitty piercing studs, which thrilled my four year-old and undoubtedly made the process more bearable.

After Dharia was all done (she had to get each ear done separately), AJ was convinced that she was ready too. I had my doubts, but I figured we had time to give it a try. She decided on a pair of tiny sparkly flowers. I knew I couldn't count on her to be as amazingly cooperative as Dharia, so we waited for a second associate to become available in order to pierce both ears simultaneously.
There were some tears after the earrings went in, but no screaming, and by the time I suggested ice cream, she was fine.

They settled on cotton candy with gummy bears from Coldstone.

The crazy thing is, shortly after we got home that night, Dharia came to me in tears. One of we Hello kitties had fallen almost completely fallen out of her ears. I tried to get it back in its hole, but it was very tender and she was very sore. The hole had nearly closed up, so I gave up. It was horrible and disheartening.

Today we went back into Claire's where they immediately fixed the piercing (which she again endured bravely). Today I am thankful that everything looks good an that both of my girls are sporting their new jewelry. I am also thankful that I got to spend another afternoon out with Dharia, which included another trip for ice cream, of course. :)

Thank God for Earrings!

Lord, thank you for a fun experience with my girls Angie helping everything to work out. Thank you for a memory that will last forever. In your name Amen.