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Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 935 -- Tri for Life

I got to race today in Otter Lake, Michigan.  I ran the Olympic distance triathlon for the Tri for Life race, which raises money to encourage people to become organ donors. It was the first time I was able to race for free as a part of working for 3 Disciplines.

It was a tough race--I had a hard time mentally. I battled throughout the bike and the run to maintain my pace and intensity. When I approached T2, Colby informed me that the lead female was a startling 2 min ahead of me. 

Because of the heat and the fact that I was struggling, I decided to just get my head together and run a race I could be proud of. I focused on my run, determined to run the smartest, hardest 10k I could.

At about 4 miles in, I notice that ti had cut the distance between the lead female and I to about 100 m. It was now or never. I could either go for it and win the race or settle for second. I picked up the pace and overtop her with a mile and a half to go.  

I started  to run out of gas with a half mile to go, but just hung on the best I could. When I turned the corner into town, I saw my family cheering me on like crazy and cruised in to the finish line--first overall female.

I'm so thankful for this race for a multitude of reasons. I've never won a Tri before, so obviously that was pretty special. But even more so, I'm proud of the mental victory it represents, so I'm grateful for the strength I was provided to get there. I'm also grateful to my husband, who not only cheered me on, but did so with three crazy kids and a puppy in tow.  I am thankful that here wee vegan friendly wraps at the finish line and that I got to go swimming in the lake withy kids while we waited for the awards.  It was a good day!

Thank God for the Tri for Life!

Lord thank you for the strength you gave me today and for all the fun I was able to have with my loving and supportive family. In your name Amen.


That is so awesome! I am thinking about doing the South Beach Tri in South Haven, and that is organized by 3disciplines....and my husband Steve is going to do the Lumberman! Maybe we will run into you at a race....but it wouldn't be on the course....I would be way behind you!
Tri For Life is trying to send you a check from the race but need you to verify your address. Please do this to my e-mail
Thank you!