Life and Times of the Sharp Family

1000 Days of Thankful...and Counting


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 939 -- Goodbye Washing Machine

Several weeks ago, our washing machine went on the fritz.  Again.  We had just recently paid for a new motor to be put into it and it went and died on us again just to be extra obnoxious.  In a family of 5 including three small children and a puppy, doing laundry is imperative.  

So, we purchased a used machine.  Due to the nature of our basement, it had to go in through a sub-floor window.  The broken machine had to come out the same way.  It ended up in our front yard facing the street.  

When I first came home that day I was

(a) elated that we had a functional washing machine, and

(b) horrified to now be a person who has an old, dysfunctional appliance sitting in their yard.

Like I said, this was several weeks ago.

Responding to my initial anxiety, my husband assured me that the machine would be picked up by someone.  

He was wrong.

There it sat for days.  Then weeks.  Every time I made the turn down my road, when I crested the bend I would see it and cringe.  Now I was only experiencing reaction (b) -- continuously and repeatedly.

What was next for us?  Putting carcasses of no-longer-running cars in our backyard?  A stack of old tires, maybe?  A pile of cinder blocks?  We were on a slippery slope to being in an episode of American Pickers and I just didn't want to go there.

When I rounded the bend on Linden Ave this evening after an excruciatingly long and hot day of setup for the Sister Lakes triathlon, something was different.

That washing machine was finally gone.

Rob Sharp came over to help us with our broken down car (are you sensing a trend here?) and Colby somehow conned him into taking the washer back with him to drop off at the junkyard.  

I am so thankful to say goodbye to that washing machine.  I am blessed to have a working washing machine in my basement.  I am grateful to have just one more problem solved and for the people who helped make it happen.

Thank God I said goodbye to that (junky, old, lawn-ornament-wannabe) washing machine!

Lord, thank you for helping us get a working washing machine, for helping us get rid of the old one, and for all of the people who helped us accomplish that.  In your name I pray, Amen.