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1000 Days of Thankful...and Counting


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 952 -- New Ride

Yesterday, while Dharia and I were in Traverse City, we swung by Einstein Cycles where I used my earning from my summer's work with 3Disciplines to purchase myself a new bike.

It's good to have wheels again.

I am blessed in so many ways here:

1) My dad was gracious enough to allow me the use of his bike in the interim between my bike being stolen and purchasing this bike.  Now I can give his bike back.

2) Einstein Cycles gives a massive discount to 3Disciplines employees, so I was able to get a very good deal -- actually the owner must have thought Dharia was extra cute or something because I would up with an insanely nice bike for the budget I had.

3) Dharia was more than happy to hang out at the bike store for a little bit with me on her birthday.  In fact, she was super-excited about it and didn't complain once.  She charmed every one in the store by "test driving" out the kids bikes.

4) My grandmommy has already suggested three totally fabulous and viable names for the new bike.

5) Even though it rained, no I'm sorry, POURED, on the way home from Clare today, the bike didn't even wiggle on the rack and made it safely back in one piece.

6) The bike is made for a, *ahem*, shorter rider, so it fits me better than anything I've ever ridden.  Plus, it's a niiiiiiiiice bike.  So I'm beyond excited to get it out on the road.  I've been promised it will make me faster too.  Sweet.

Thank God for my new ride!

Lord, thank you for my new bike and for everything you did to make it possible.  In your name I pray, Amen.