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1000 Days of Thankful...and Counting


Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 961 -- The Swim Course Coordinator

For the first time ever, I was placed in charge of the swim course at a an event.  So, I have been out in the water all day setting 13 large neon buoys that mark the sprint and olympic distance races for the swim tomorrow.  Basically, I used my GPS to find where a 1500 m and 500 m swim would be and then used the jet ski to two the buoys to their proper locations.  The hardest part was lining them up straight so that the swimmers saw a perfectly linear pathway to their turnaround.

I was grateful for this opportunity to learn something new and thankful for a job that lets me drive around a jetski on a beautiful lake on a perfect summer day.

Thank God for the chance to be the swim course coordinator!

Lord, thank you for a fun job that gives me the chance to learn and do so many thing.  Thank you for a beautiful day out on the water.  In your name I pray, Amen.