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1000 Days of Thankful...and Counting


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 972 -- Lake Party

It's that time of the year for back-to-school get-togethers, open houses, and other such nonsense.

Okay, well maybe it's not nonsense, but there seems to be some undue haste in welcoming back the school year.

Nevertheless, last night we had a wonderful time meeting Colby's new staff at Parma Elementary.  Their back-to-school party took place on Pleasant Lake.  It was a beautiful night to be on the lake, but my favorite part of the evening was when the kids got to go out on the speedboat.  They loved the "fast boat", but all it took was seeing just one person tubing before they were all clamoring to do it too.

As the token adult on the tube, I had the privilege of hearing their shrieks and wild laughter on the tube as the boat took off around the lake.  It was amazing to hear that laughter and experience that pure, unadulterated joy.

Plus, I like to tube so it all worked out. :)

I am so grateful that my kids are so adventurous and brave.  I am thankful that Colby's new staff was so welcoming and fun.  I am happy that there is still a sliver of summer left.

Thank God for our Lake Party!

Lord, thank you for an amazing night out on the lake.  Thank you for my brave, fun kids.  Thank you for Colby's new adventure and the incredible people you've surrounded him with.  In your name, Amen.