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1000 Days of Thankful...and Counting


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 993 -- The Past Week

Have you missed me?

I didn't disappear, and I'm not quitting on my 1000 days of thankfulness .  But, during this week, I felt it was important to take a break from blogging.  You see, on Wednesday, there was a tornado that ripped Albion apart.  In addition to destroying many houses, ripping down trees, and breaking telephone poles like toothpicks, the storm left us without power for a couple of days and made it impossible to use the internet at home.

Instead of stressing out and trying to write blog posts at school that would be forced and fake, I decided to wait until the Internet was functional at home.  I will choose one moment from the past week to be grateful for and pick up the remaining 7 days as they occur this week.

So here we go!

On Thursday morning after the storm, I woke up to realize how awful it is to get ready for school with no power.  There was no light to take my shower.  Showering in the dark is weird.  And, to add insult to injury, there was no way to make coffee.

Sulking sleepily out the door, I finally made it to my car parked at Victory Park (this is a story in and of itself--no time for it now).  When I pulled out, I had to get creative to leave town as there were an insane number of roads completely impassable and an equal number just flat-out closed to traffic.  The route I took just happened to land me on Michigan Avenue near downtown.  As I pulled onto the street, I went from being surrounded by a creepy, engulfing darkness to seeing a beacon of light.

It was Biggby Coffee.  And it was the only place for miles that had power.

I was so excited and pulled in with a smile on my face.  I placed my order for a large coffee and pulled up to the window where a smiling young lady, who I learned was named Melissa, was handing me a tall mug that I could already smell.

There was just one problem.

I couldn't find my wallet.  I had no money.

Embarrassed, I had to tell Melissa that I couldn't pay for the coffee.  As I resignedly put the Saturn in gear, however, she stopped me.

She told me to take the coffee and have a good day.   When I opened to protest she said she wouldn't hear of it and shooed me off.

I am so thankful for the generosity of this stranger and for the impact it had on my day.  I went on to have an amazing day at school and I am convinced that without this little miracle first thing in the morning, things could have gone a lot differently.

I am so grateful for the past week.  I am thankful that my family was in Spring Arbor when the storm hit.  I am thankful that my dad is safe after a giant tree fell on his hour.  I am grateful that our house sustained no damage.  I am blessed that we made it to the end, hardly worse for the wear.  And I am thankful for my Biggby coffee and kind souls.

Thank God for the past week!

Lord, thank you for keeping us safe this week.  Thank you that we are getting back to normal.  Thank you for your love that you show to me through the kindness of others.  In your name I pray, Amen.


What a blessing! :) Glad you are all safe.