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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 1077--Middle School Gymnastics

Yesterday, I did something that I have never done before.  I braved the treacherous roads and headed to Tecumseh to judge middle school students.

I was apprehensive about this for a couple of reasons.  First, it made me nervous to be judging middle schoolers using high school rules.  Would I make them cry?  Would I be giving them false hope?  It seemed like a lot of pressure.

Secondly, there were only two judges contracted for the event.  This meant that I would be judging just two events -- but completely by myself.  There would be no one to point out that I was making a mistake or to temper me if my execution deductions got a little harsh.

I was pleased to find, however, that after arriving in Tecumseh, the entire experience was delightful.  The gymnasts and coaches were fabulous and I realized halfway through judging bars that I was having a wonderful time.  Being by myself was nerve-wracking, but also strangely affirming.

I feel blessed that I got to be a part of this awesome program.  I couldn't help but think how great this experience would be for these middle school girls, giving them a huge leg up when they get to their freshmen years of gymnastics.  I know that the Tecumseh program will be much better for it.

Thank God for middle school gymnastics!

Lord, thank you for a good day with good people and good programs.  Thank you for all of the people that helped to make this experience great.  In your name I pray, Amen.