Life and Times of the Sharp Family

1000 Days of Thankful...and Counting


Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 1105 -- Frozen Encore

This evening, the girls and I got a hold of what I now believe to be a pirated version of the movie Frozen, which we saw in the theatre over break.

Regardless of its source, the girls and I were thrilled to be able to see the movie again.  After dinner, we cuddled up in the big chair together under a blanket and watched Elsa and Anna sing.

I figured it would be a good long while before we were able to enjoy that movie again.  Not only is it a movie that we love, but I believe it makes all of us girls feel good inside to be a part of it.  We ate popcorn, snuggled, and laughed through the part of Sunday night that is usually the most difficult.

It was the perfect way to end weekend.

Thank God for a Frozen encore!

Lord, thank you for giving the girls and I a treat to enjoy together tonight.  In your name I pray, Amen.